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We are an association of promotion and social innovation open to civil society, which gives space to cultural diversity and multiple skills and is committed to the involvement of the resilient community, young people of today and the next generation.

Venice Urban Lab was founded on the initiative of Sergio Pascolo, promoter for over a decade of the sustainable future of Venice,  author of the essay "Inhabiting Venice" (2012) and the book "Venezia Secolo Ventuno. Visions and strategies for a sustainable renaissance" (2020).

In addition to members and a multidisciplinary group of citizens and local and international professionals, the association involves a dense network of teachers and scholars of various disciplines and interacts with associations, craft enterprises, administrations and institutions, schools and universities.

We believe in the power of transgenerational collaboration.

Everyone is invited to join us and take an active part in the care of the current city and in the design of the city and the future community.

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