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Our Goals

Rebuild lasting prosperity and make Venice one of the most attractive cities on the planet that transmits to the world values of balance, harmony and peaceful coexistence.

As a platform for urban creativity, professional training and dissemination of architectural and urban culture (Baukultur), Venice Urban Lab has two intermediate objectives:

 To help create a community of thinkers and designers that offers qualified and qualifying work opportunities to young people to stay or come to live in Venice;

Foster the practice of interdisciplinary design, comparison and exchange of knowledge to promote a culture of public and private clients aligned with the best practices of the 2030 Urban Agenda and the European Green Deal, and the New European Bauhaus, the ambitious project of the European Commission that promotes the improvement of the quality of living spaces and the coexistence of citizens with the three watchwords: beauty, sustainability and inclusion.


Our final goal: considering that beauty sustainability and inclusion characterize the history of the city of Venice and have always guided our field of reflection and action, we intend to contribute to the creation of a model and practices of diversified economy to make Venice one of the most attractive small cities on the planet that transmits to the world values of balance, harmony and peaceful coexistence.

How do we intend to contribute to the repopulation of Venice ?

Creating opportunities to stay in the city after university studies with qualified vocational training and job opportunities and attracting those who have studied elsewhere to settle temporarily or permanently in the lagoon city.

Activating housing opportunities with innovative formulas in the form and management of living (co-living, cluster living) together with workspaces (daily office, co-working)

Attracting innovation, new economies, new professions, fostering new synergies between different disciplines related to the city, landscape and architecture, and humanities (philosophy, sociology) and technology (mobility, energy, digitalization, artificial intelligence, etc. ) building an interactive and vibrant community.

How can we help make shared transformations, truly sustainable and of high quality?

Sensitizing and tuning designers, citizens, investors and administrators on the criteria of the Baukultur, the culture of construction, sanctioned by the European ministers of culture in the Davos Declaration in 2018, and on three directions shared by global and European institutions:

the productive city: economically sustainable, functional and innovative spaces

the green city: open spaces usable, high quality and accessible to all

Fair Trade City: affordable housing for all social groups

Elaborating a contemporary narrative for the future that feeds a creative community based on the culture of sharing, respect, and the culture of the project as care of the existing and care for the new, exemplarily oriented to authenticity, to simplicity and to essentiality

Supporting and offering specific project skills to the many initiatives of the city carried out by associations, start-ups and volunteer groups to increase their impact and develop all their creative and entrepreneurial potential.

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