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The Core Values

Venice and its lagoon are a unique place in the world based on a lifestyle centered on man, harmony and balance, which in itself is an active testimony of the transition to the sustainable future.

Venice is a compact city on a human scale, immersed in the natural water park of the lagoon, where living is combined with beauty, sustainability and harmony between nature and artifice. For this reason we believe that it should be considered a paradigmatic example of the sustainable city of the future but also because the morphological structure of the city highlights a double sequence of values:


Primary values:

proximity and density, human scale and dexterity, pedestrian and beauty

Consequential values:

quality of time, inclusion, solidarity and humanity, sound of silence, health, absence of waste


Since "spaces give shape to people, people give shape to spaces", (the guiding principle of the Baukultur), this sequence of values interacts extraordinarily in the quality of daily life. In their multiple combinations and overlaps it is easy to recognize that these values


generate equality

create belonging

induce observation

promote attention

allow slowness

suggest kindness

produce sociability

encourage solidarity

stimulate the exchange of generations

promote health


Preserving and exporting these values and the balance between natural and artificial is our mission for the city and the planet.

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