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Multidisciplinary laboratories for the sustainable future

Social interaction, ethics and planning: laboratories that trigger new forms of collaboration between different humanistic and scientific sectors to broaden the horizons of investigation by encouraging the intersection of knowledge and new interdisciplinary synergies. The activities of the different laboratories are organized each time in different formats.

In the case of architectural and urban design, collaborations are envisaged between designers, excellent craftsmen in the construction and restoration sector and citizens, developing innovative forms of learning in design and construction practice in a continuous dialogue with local associations and the most interesting international experiences . The weekly workshops and 2, 4, 6 month internships will focus on design experiences applied to the themes of resilience of Venice, the lagoon and the Veneto territory and more generally of the sustainable city of the future. A fundamental focus will be placed on the need to develop and build low-cost and low environmental impact housing (CNAH - Carbon Neutral Affordable Housing).

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