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First world-wide life event of the
Z-inspection® initiative

Z-inspection® - Venice Urban Lab

In cooperation with: Global Campus of Human Rights

​Location: Ateneo Veneto



Arcada University of Applied Science, Merck, Roche, Zurich Insurance Company


> Friday (afternoon), March 10, 2023


  • Holger Volland (CEO brand eins, Germania)

2:00 pm

- Welcome remarks

  • Antonella Magaraggia, President Ateneo Veneto

  • Sergio Pascolo, President, Venice Urban Lab

  • George Ulrich, Academic Director, Global Campus of Human Rights


2:20 pm

- “Singing tuning with Ahhh”

  • Alessandro Donati


2:30 pm

- The Z-inspection® initiative

  • Roberto V. Zicari (Lead Z-inspection® initiative)

3:15 pm

- Presentation of selected Affiliated Trustworthy AI Labs

  • Magnus Westerlund (The Laboratory for Trustworthy AI at Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland).

  • Sune Holm, Boris Düdder (Trustworthy AI Lab at University of Copenhagen (Copenaghen, Danmark)

  • Gemma Roig, Karsten Tolle (Trustworthy AI Lab at University Goethe di Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)

  • Vince Madai (Trustworthy AI in Healthcare Lab al QUEST Centre for Responsible Research (Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH) (Germany)

  • Pedro Moreno Sanchez (Trustworthy AI for healthcare Lab, University of Tampere (Finland)


Coffee break (4:30 pm)


5:15 pm

- Panel: "Human Rights and Trustworthy AI"



  • George Ulrich (Academic Director, Global Campus of Human Rights),

  • Elisabeth Hildt (Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, Illinois Institute of Technology)

  • Emilie Wiinblad Mathez (Senior Ethics Adviser)

  • Frédérick Bruneault (adjunct professor, École des médias Unive, Université du Québec,Montréal)

  • Peter Kirchschläger (Professor, University of Lucerne)



  • Holger Volland (CEO brand eins, Germany)


Aperitiv (6.30 pm)

> Saturday (all day), March 11, 2024



  • Holger Volland (CEO brand eins, Germany)


10:00 am

- Welcome remarks

  • Gianpaolo Scarante, Past President Ateneo Veneto

10:10 am

"Singing tuning with Ahhh" 

  • Alessandro Donati


10:15 am

- Pilot Project "Responsible use of AI" with Rijks ICT Gilde ( Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relationships) , and the Province of Friesland, The Netherlands


  • Willy Tadema (AI Ethics Lead, Rijks ICT Gilde, The Netherlands)

  • Marijke Steege, Marijke (Senior Consultant Strategy Innovation and Data, Rijks ICT Gilde, The Netherlands)

  • Gerard Kema (Innovator Manager, Province of Friesland, The Netherlands)

Coffee break (11 a.m.)


11:30 am

- Trustworthy AI in Practice: Best practices

  • Alberto Signoroni, (University of Brescia, Italy)

  • Mattia Savardi, (University of Brescia, Italia)

  • Davide Farina (University of Brescia, Italia)

  • Hanna Sormunen (Finnish Tax Administration)

  • Vince Madai (QUEST, Berlino)


Lunch (1:00 p.m.)


2.30 pm

- Panel: "How do we trust AI? "



  • Jean Enno Charton (Director Bioethics & Digital Ethics, Merck)

  • Bryn Roberts (Global Head of Data &Analytics, Roche)

  • Sarah Gadd (Head of Data & Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Credit Suisse)

  • Lisa Bechtold, (Global Lead AI Assurance & Data Governance · Zurich Insurance Company)  



  • Holger Volland (CEO brand eins, Germania)


Coffee break (4 p.m.)


4:45 pm

- Trustworthy AI in Practice: Best practices

  • Ulrich Kühne (Hautmedizin Bad Soden, Germania)

  • Adriano Lucieri (DFKI, Germania)

  • James Brusseau (Pace University, USA)

  • Adarsh Srivastava (Roche, India)


Concluding Remarks


  • Roberto V. Zicari (Lead Z-inspection® initiative),

  • Sergio Pascolo (President, Venice Urban Lab)

Aperitif (6 p.m.)


World’s first inspection conference. Z
Ateneo Veneto, 10-11 March 2023, Venice, Italy - CONFERENCE READER

The interdisciplinary meeting welcomed over 60 international scientists and experts in artificial intelligence, ethics, human rights and areas such as health care, ecology, business or law.


At the conference, the practical use of the Z-Inspection process was presented. to evaluate real use cases for the assessment of reliable AI. Among them:


- the pilot project: "Assessment for a responsible artificial intelligence" together with Rijks ICT Guilds - part of the Ministry of the Interior and Relations with the Kingdom (BZK) - and the province of Fryslân (Netherlands);


- The evaluation of the use of AI in times of COVID-19 at the ASST Spedali Civili of Brescia.


Two roundtables on "Human Rights and Reliable AI" and "How do we trust AI?" have provided an interdisciplinary view on the relevance of AI data and ethics in the context of human rights and business.


The main message of the conference was the need for a conscious use of AI (#MUAI).


This first World Z-Inspection Conference was held in collaboration with Global Campus of Human Rights and Venice Urban Lab and was supported by Arcada University of Applied Science, Merck, Roche and Zurich Insurance Company.




Video link: Impressions of the conference

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