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INIZIATIVA ABITARE VENEZIA  - Venice.Living.Initiative

​To encourage the return of inhabitants to the city and its territory, in addition to creating training and employment opportunities, it is necessary to act with innovation to make available living and working spaces, with creative solutions to put back on the market the great stock of spaces unused or dedicated exclusively for tourist use.

It is about introducing and fostering new dynamics in the market, trying to bring out opportunities by matching the availability and need of spaces, places, people and resources.

To pool resources and ideas, to create unity of purpose to build a resilient and conscious community that evolves and progresses. 


The Venice Living Initiative project proposes innovative living spaces - work+living - that can be financed through a cooperative system based on the principle of Baugenossenschaft and Baugruppe, widespread in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These are groups of inhabitants who come together with goals and common areas to acquire concessions, rent large properties at more favorable conditions than the purchase of smaller individual units.

The Ve Liv In initiative aims to promote and create new forms of housing (co-living, cluster living) linked to work (daily-office, co-working) to give more and more people the opportunity to live and work both temporarily and permanently in the city.

Do you have any proposals?

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