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Work 05

The future workshop of historic centers

The vitality of the historical centers of all Europe, already in crisis because of the shopping centers outside the city and e-commerce, has become an even more urgent issue with the pandemic, which has put at risk the very survival of the activities and therefore the historical centers.


The aim is to develop concepts and strategies for resilient, livable and adaptable urban centres, bringing jobs and housing, developing innovation in the areas of retail, gastronomy, culture, transport, digitisation considering the need and opportunity to reduce emissions and the overall impact in relation to climate change.

Venice is a reservoir of knowledge and virtuous interactions in the art of the restoration of the reuse of the re-functionalization there what is ancient with a technical and humanistic approach that makes exemplary both the workings and the transformations. This set of knowledge can be of great interest for other historical realities and become the engine of exchanges and cultural and entrepreneurial twinning with all the cities of the world that share historical heritage.  

Do you have any proposals?

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