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Work 06

Forum of the "Sustainable Renaissance"

​A forum for discussion and discussion focused on the potential of the settlement system with thematic Focus, urban themes specific to the city, that have exemplary value also in the world scenario for the sustainable development of the city of the future and subsequent publishing program of dissemination.


The aim is to encourage debate and reflection on the future of the city and at the same time create a meeting place for a "community" of designers, artists, scientists, scholars, production sectors and citizens. Rather than taking place in a fixed place, meetings and conferences will be "nomadic" in different locations and places of the city, with the aim of "reactivating" local or places "forgotten" in rotation.

Courses, seminars of professional updating are moments of debate and in-depth study on the themes of architecture, according to a multidisciplinary vision, humanistic, updated with international developments, open to alternative approaches.

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